Easy to start. Hard to stop.

DrumCore is a fun, easy to learn and challenging workout for all fitness levels and abilities. Our specialty classes for seniors and special needs populations can stand alone as participatory entertainment or be part of weekly group exercise.

We bring drumsticks, high energy music and customized choreographed routines that mix high and low intensity exercises for brain fitness that also improve joint mobility, build muscle and burn calories.

Drummers can sit or stand or a bit of both. Fit drummers can do jumping jacks while others march in place. Core strength exercises  done seated or standing, are enhanced because of the warm up that mobilizes the spine and stabilizes the abdominals and low back. Sometimes conference attendees who need a wellness break are challenged to learn a fast-paced routine in just 10 minutes and then “perform”.  We make it simple to learn and even easier to enjoy.

Drumming changes mood and improves mental acuity and leaves people energized and upbeat.  As a cool down, sticks can be used as props for moving meditation, reminiscent of qigong.  Routines can be as simple or as complex as needed.

“It’s exercise, but it’s so much fun! You don’t even realize you’re exercising. It totally works your core, it works everything! When you’re done, you’re sad you’re done because you want to keep going!”
— Happy Participant - Cape Elizabeth, ME Jan 2017